Understand where we are acting

In just over a year of foundation, Planeta de TODOS is involved in three epicenters of the crisis of refugees and immigrants around the world: Greece, Italy and Brazil, which are today, respectively, the doors of entry of these people into Europe and South America. Above all, human beings from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Morocco, Algeria, much of sub-Saharan Africa and Venezuela, among other countries. Learn more about our actions.

Athens - Greece

Greece is the largest port of entry for refugees into Europe: there are nearly 65 000 asylum seekers on Greek territory. In Athens, we finance a flat in the central part of the city and, in partnership with the NGO Holes in the Borders, we also work in two other houses for a total of 18 young people in search of a fair and dignified future.

Rome - Italy

Rome is of a striking social contrast: tourists invade the Coliseum for selfies, while thousands of Africans are sleeping in the streets. Without any kind of help. We financed a house in the central part of the city for homeless sub-Saharan Africans: more than 10 young people have already passed through the project in search of an opportunity on such hostile ground.

Boa Vista - Brazil

Venezuela is facing the worst social crisis in its history: thousands of people are crossing the border into the state of Roraima and settling in Boa Vista, the poorest state in Brazil and without the resources to manage such a large migratory flow. Planeta de TODOS has been there with Portuguese classes, basic health care, and help in building a shelter.