Demba Amado, 24, was born in Guinea-Bissau but lived much of his life in Gambia. Better known as Aedy, this young man arrived at the project just last year and, of all who passed through the home of the Planeta de TODOS, he was undoubtedly the most responsible of all. He always valued the opportunity he had and always completed his duties strictly, from cleanliness and volunteering, and also respect for his companions and community.

"Today I know how to use a computer, speak Italian and have self-esteem thanks to this opportunity I got in the project", expressed Aedy, who speaks a total of six languages, including Arabic and English, fluently. With his documentation properly regulated within the European Union, and a little tired of Italian exclusionary policies, "I decided to give others a chance to participate in the programme as well". At the beginning of October, he moved to Spain.has sent a message that he is duly installed in Barcelona, where he is now looking for job opportunities, while waiting for the final resolution of his asylum.

Mucha suerte, Aedy!

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