Planeta de TODOS is an NGO working directly in the refugee crisis in Europe with a focus on the vulnerable population: unaccompanied young men (18 and 30 years old), pregnant women and/or with newborn children. We are currently in Athens, the capital of Greece, the country which is the largest entry for immigrants on European soil and which has more than 130,000 asylum seekers on its territory.

Faced with this scenario, we have already integrated socially and laboriously more than 80 young people, currently with employment contracts and financially independent, in addition to all the educational and legal support provided during the period of residence in the project homes.

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After two years on the road, we decided to establish a network of volunteers in Greece, within the franchises of Cartão de TODOS, as a way not only to exchange knowledge within the company, but also to raise Brazil's self-esteem abroad within the largest humanitarian crisis in recent history. Be sure that this is a very particular project. A unique opportunity to establish human relations with people who have left their homes because of wars, conflicts and persecutions of the most diverse. We are looking for qualified professionals who are capable of living a unique experience of giving.

Below, understand a bit about our programme, what we are looking for and the form to enter the selection process. We are waiting for you!

Who we are looking for:

Health professionals and/or students (doctors, dentists, nurses, etc); volunteers with training to teach English, history and geopolitics, in addition to preparing resumes and cover letters. We also seek new ideas for workshops involving health, art and culture.

What we offer:

Housing in rented flat and properly equipped by the association for the whole period of voluntary work; training classes and understanding of the European refugee situation before departure, and all the necessary guidance from our professionals who have been working on the ground in Greece for years. Volunteer contract and certificate issued by Planeta de TODOS. Expenses with airfare and food are at the responsibility of the volunteer.

What you can't miss:

Fluency in English is a basic premise - French is desirable, but not essential. Brazilian passport valid at least six months before the date of travel. Commitment to a period of 3 (three) months of volunteering - the maximum allowed for Brazilian citizens in the European Union for a year.

Nor can it lack courage, detachment, to want to dive into the knowledge of new cultures, opinions and beliefs of the most different aspects. Sense of community is also very necessary, as our volunteer flat will be shared. Without luxury, with a lot of willingness.

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