Our mission: learn about the project

Temporary housing:

Our residents sign a contract in which they commit themselves, first of all, to treat their colleagues without any kind of prejudice in terms of religion, political opinion, sexual choice, etc. We do not accept any type of xenophobia, alcohol or drug consumption, and the treatment must be equal among all. We accept any kind of refugee and immigrant, regardless of nationality. Our motto is that our houses are not "student fraternity", much less a "hotel". A number of rules must be observed. Our ultimate goal is to make these young people independent for their local societies.

Basic education:

In Rome and Athens, our residents have a first basic commitment with the language classes within the programme. In the Italian capital it is a must to attend partner organisations that offer free Italian language classes and certificates - these diplomas are fundamental in the process of examining an asylum application and are proof of their intention to integrate into society. As a reinforcement, inside the flat, we also give private lessons. The same applies in the Greek capital, where English and Greek are fundamental for the same reasons. In the house in Athens, three times a week, we offer classes in English, preparation for job interviews, and general culture so that they better understand the world in which they are now inserted.

Social and legal assistance: 

We have a team of volunteers who act as social educators within the project in order to establish a bridge of information and guidance for our residents, but above all, as a way of understanding their wishes and needs. Furthermore, legal support is fundamental, since without a fixed address they cannot change their legal situation. We do not accept residents "without papers", i.e. who are in an illegal situation. For example, with the Greek local authorities, we help them to obtain the "white card", the document that defines a person as an asylum seeker and can await the process legally within the country. Also in Athens, we helped them to obtain the "AFM" which leaves them free to seek employment, among other legal duties also on Italian territory.

Social and labour integration:

The process of healping any human being to get independent, involves entering the local market. This is one of the basic rules of our social project: we provide the basic foundations, and the residents must be prepared and dedicated to the search for work. Our workshops, within the homes, also offer practical lessons on how to apply for a job offer. How to research the basic and previous information of a company. How to behave and sell "your fish" at the moment you have an interview. Not to mention that we are always attentive to all job opportunities, as well as preparing a better resume according to the local job market.


This is not a rule in the residence contract, but we encourage the promotion of voluntary work among our residents. After all, if unfortunately we cannot yet provide so many homes for other people in a street situation, they should not only value the opportunity achieved, but also pass on the current of good. Inside the houses, those who already have a high level of English or Italian help the arrivals. Several of our residents participate in independent activities or in partnership with other organisations to help other refugees and immigrants who are not in the programme.