Voa Ibrahim

Ibrahim Keita, 28, is a young man from Mali who emigrated to Italy with a dream: "in my country, unfortunately, I could not study, have a job, a decent life. The conflicts were daily and there was no future". Five months ago, in the interview for a position within our temporary housing programme, he promised: "if you give me a chance, I will improve my Italian and do everything to get a formal job".

Well, he kept his promise: he won a scholarship for a cultural mediator course and, after studying very hard, he also got a contract of employment as a security guard at the Primark franchise. Another good news: his application for humanitarian protection (which does not provide the right to a passport, but allows him to obtain an identity card and formal work for at least two years) was also accepted. In his asylum interview, he dismissed a translator and explained his case himself in Italian, already fluent. And he delighted the judge of the case, according to our volunteers who accompanied him to the court. "Thank you for this opportunity that changed my life", said the young man.

We thank you, Ibrahim. Fly, fly high!