Athens - Greece

Greece is the largest port of entry for refugees into Europe: there are nearly 65 000 asylum seekers on Greek territory. In Athens, we finance a flat in the central part of the city and, in partnership with the NGO Holes in the Borders, we also work in two other houses for a total of 18 young people in search of a fair and dignified future.

Rome - Italy

Rome is of a striking social contrast: tourists invade the Coliseum for selfies, while thousands of Africans are sleeping in the streets. Without any kind of help. We financed a house in the central part of the city for homeless sub-Saharan Africans: more than 10 young people have already passed through the project in search of an opportunity on such hostile ground.

Boa Vista – Brazil

Venezuela is facing the worst social crisis in its history: thousands of people are crossing the border into the state of Roraima and settling in Boa Vista, the poorest state in Brazil and without the resources to manage such a large migratory flow. Planeta de TODOS has been there with Portuguese classes, basic health care, and help in building a shelter.

What is our focus?

We decided to help, as a priority, young refugees and male immigrants who are homeless and at risk.

To understand the basic premise of the social projects of Planeta de TODOS, it is necessary to do a quick (and hard) exercise of reflection: from day to night, a war breaks out in your city or you find yourself persecuted for political or religious reasons to the point where you have no other option for survival than to flee your country. Well then. You leave your home, friends, family behind in search of a dignified future in a deserted, unknown terrain in which you do not understand the language, nor the new rules of this society which is far from providing a fair system of welcome and opportunities.

Yes, because within a humanitarian crisis the priority is always for families, children, the elderly. Look: we are not saying that it is not right to think about these people, quite the contrary. The point is that there is a big gap, a big omission on the part of the public authorities and large organizations about the social work offered to a generation of so-called unaccompanied youth, or single men, in general, in the 18-30 age range. They are refugees and immigrants with a high degree of vulnerability.

They are susceptible to drug problems, mafias of the most diverse or even prostitution as the last form of survival. They lose their innocence and have no local reference of any kind, someone to point the way to a dignified social integration, the search for a better future. Our coordinators and volunteers have been on the ground for more than three years (Greece, Italy, and Brazil) and have rightly observed this great "failure of the system".

That is why Planeta de TODOS, at least for the moment, privileges this generation with a social assistance process. More than basic welfare - home, food and laundry, as the old saying goes - our goal is social transformation. It is the solidarity administration of a gigantic crisis that only finds precedents in the Second World War. In less than a year, we have helped more than 100 human beings to find a "light at the end of the tunnel", of about 15 different nationalities. And we hope to do more with your help!

Omar Sall

"Here in Italy, when you start your asylum process, the first thing they ask for is an address. But how can an immigrant have an address if he is living in the street? There are so many black people living in the street today in Rome. I am very lucky to be part of this project".

Omar Sall, Senegal
Resident - Rome

Amin Khairul

"What I like most about this project is that there is a pressure to develop our skills. When I arrived in Athens, I couldn't communicate. Today I already speak well with everyone in English. I hope that other houses will be opened and that other refugees will have this opportunity".

Amin Khairul, Myanmar
Resident - Atenas

John Artin

"In addition to the opportunity for a better life and a perspective for the future, for me the project was fundamental for the possibility of living with different cultures and learning English. Today I can say that I am fluent in English and that is a key element in my life".

John Artin, Afghanistan
Resident - Atenas

Aedy Amado

"Now have the opportunity to study Italian, learn not only to speak, but to write well. I also got a computer course which is helping me a lot to achieve my biggest dream: a contract job. I also volunteer, helping other people".

Aedy Amado, Gambia
Resident - Rome

Alagie Jallow

"Here we have the opportunity to go to Italian school, study for real, practice volunteering, live in harmony. With the project I have also been able to prove to the Italian Ministry of Immigration that I want to integrate and be part of this society".

Alagie Jallow, Guinea-Bissau
Resident - Rome

Wail Farooq

"The life of a refugee in Greece is very, very complicated. Here I have found a path of light, a way forward. I was able to focus on my studies (English and Greek classes) and seek work with the help of volunteers. This kind of help is fundamental for young people like me".

Wail Farooq, Pakistan
Resident - Atenas


Stories of residents who have overcome the barrier of social integration within the project

Kazem Ahmadi
Kazem AhmadiAfghanistan
"This project is a springboard for my life. It gave me strength, courage to believe in my potential. There are so many organisations that help refugees here in Europe, but here I really found people who believed in my talent". Kazem works today as a translator (Farsi-English) at the Greek Refugee Council in the Eleonas camp in Athens.
Mohanad Ibrahim
Mohanad IbrahimSudan
"Before my concern was: what I would eat and where I would sleep. Entering this project gave me the peace of mind I needed to organize my life, get my documents and seek a future on my own". Mohanad spent six months in the house in Rome and today works as a trader in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom.
Basel Battar
Basel BattarSyria
"I was lost, with no future, until I found this group. All the members work for the cause, give opportunities to everyone, as they gave it to me. They helped me to find work, and today I have my home, I am completely independent". Today Basel works as a cultural mediator at the Danish Refugee Council in Larissa (Greece).

Life stories: reasons I had
to leave everything behind

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